What fire safety precautions are required when building a loft conversion? Expert advice for creating an escape route, early warning smoke alarms and implementing fire resistant doors & partitions to protect staircases.

Loft Conversions & Fire Safety

When building a new room for your home such as a loft conversion, there are many aspects of the design to consider, including the room’s function and how it will look. However, with any building work carried out to your home, it shouldn’t compromise the safety of your loved ones. Fire safety is one of the most important things to consider when designing your loft conversion, and there are certain criteria you must follow. Here are some of the main points to cover.

Loft conversion design ideas - how to make the most out of your loft space

Making the Most of Your Loft Space

Many homeowners crave more space but don’t want the upheaval of moving home, especially if they’re happy with where they live. Yet many fail to remember they have an opportunity under their own roof to create a another potential room of their choosing. Loft conversions are a great way to extend the living space in your home without imposing on the size of your garden.

But how can you make the most out of your loft space? Here’s our expert advice.

Loft conversion lighting: what are the options? | Tiger Building Services

Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Loft

If you’ve taken the plunge and are planning a loft conversion, it’s an exciting time. But with any decisions about home design comes an array of choices to make. From the types of loft available to deciding on its purpose, it’s vital to consider how lighting will help make the best use of the space so that any electrics can be factored into your plans early.

Let’s take a look at lighting solutions to consider for your new loft.